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In School Programs

In School Programs

Lincoln Memorial Garden’s in-school environmental education programs for preschool through sixth grade classes are available year-round.


The cost is $1 per child (with a $20 minimum per classroom), plus a $5 transportation fee. These programs can also be presented at the Garden.

How to Sign Up

Schools and teachers can contact the Garden for more information or to sign up for these programs.


Preparing for Winter or Awakening to Spring
Preschool – 2nd Grade
Puppet shows that entertain and educate young children about how some native mammals prepare for winter or awaken to springtime are presented. Hibernation, dormancy, and animal habitats are introduced. Animal mounts, pelts and other nature items are shared with the children to help them understand animal needs and how these needs change with the seasons. Fun characters with a choice of seasonal emphasis and stage! (30-45 minutes)

Amazing Birds
Kindergarten – 6th Grade
Children can compare and contrast the differences and similarities between birds. The can discover how our full-year residents survive the winter. They can learn the importance of providing a quality habitat for birds. If desired, children can create their own winter bird feeders. Advance notice and a $10 supply fee is required for bird feeder projects. (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Child in the Wild
5th Grade & 6th Grade
Children are introduced to the basic survival skills needed in the wilderness. They are shown how to build a debris hut shelter and start a fire. Water and food requirements in the wild are discussed. Seasonal wild edibles and medicinal plants are part of the presentation. Space is needed outside for shelter and fire-building demonstrations. (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Fibonacci Nature Numbers
4th Grade – 6th Grade

Math, art and science have combined in the fascinating world of Leonardo Fibonacci since the 1200 AD days of European life. Fibonacci numbers are nature’s artistic and predictable numbering system. They appear everywhere in nature, from leaf arrangements to flower petal patterns, from bracts of a pinecone to scales of a pineapple, from spiraling seed heads to a single cell, from a nautilus shell to even a beehive. Children are introduced to patterns of numbers in nature through real life examples, an interactive, discussion, and an art project. (1 hour)

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