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Annual Fund Drive – Help maintain our local treasure

It’s the annual fund drive for Lincoln Memorial Garden. Just a mention of the Garden evokes happy memories in many and exited anticipation in many more. We are know for our exceptional environmental education programs that offer young and old a place to experience and learn about the natural world.

Our Holiday Market, Pancake Breakfast, Lunch in Bloom, Trail Race and Indian Summer Festival have become annual events for generations of families in Springfield and surrounding communities.

It’s here for walkers, joggers, bird watchers, nature lovers and wanderers of all ages who seek out its beauty and solitude every season.

For more than six decades the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden Foundation as overseen this living tribute to President Lincoln. The Garden is the result of a fruitful collaboration between local conservationist and civic leader Harriet Knudson and world renown architect Jens Jensen.

The annual fund drive asks for your support in financial assistance to care for the Garden and facilities, remain a leader in nature education and a steward of our prairie and woodlands. Annual fund dollars go directly to operating budget to fund daily needs such as educational supplies, tools and equipment and utilities.

Please consider a donation to the annual fund in support of this local treasure.

To make a donation, visit and click on the annual fund button.

Donations in any amount are always welcome and are used to support Garden operations. They can also be earmarked for specific projects, The Friends Fund, or the Garden's Endowment Fund. Contributions may also be made in memory of a loved one as a memorial or to honor a friend or family member on a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasion. For further information regarding donations or planned giving, please contact the Executive Director.

Donate Now

Annual Fund

Helping children discover the out-of-doors and making them more aware of the natural world is one of the most important tasks we perform at the Garden. But in order to continue these programs we need your assistance with our Annual Fund Campaign which is the Garden’s single most important source of operating funds each year. It provides key support for our education programs as well as other vital components of Garden operations.

Annual Fund donations pay for many of the “ordinary” items that help our crew maintain the Garden’s integrity. Fuel for tractors, equipment repairs, bridge decking, and grounds supplies such as driveway gravel, parking signs, and supplies for our education programs were funded with money raised during the annual campaign. Click on the “Annual Fund” link below to donate.

Donate to the Annual Fund

Wish List

Thank you to everyone who has donated funds for specific items on our wish list.

Our current wish list includes:

  • Aquarium supplies – $100
  • Junior/Senior Naturalist supplies – Any amount

If you can help, send a check for the cost or a portion of the cost of an item to:

Lincoln Memorial Garden
2301 East Lake Shore Drive
Springfield, IL 62712-8908

You can also place your donation in the Nature Center donation box – or contact the Garden at 217/529-1111.


If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring one of the Garden’s many annual events click the appropriate link below:


Planning Giving Bequests

Wills and Bequests

One of the most important types of donations that the Garden receives is a bequest from an individual’s estate. These individuals leave a legacy that will help the Garden for years to come. Some leave a bequest for the Endowment Fund, Friends Fund, or some leave it for a specific use. Some leave it to honor a loved one. Whatever your reason there are a number of ways to remember the Garden in your estate.

Leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your will to Lincoln Memorial Garden.

Consider various assets for your charitable gift, like, IRA’s, savings bonds, stocks, bonds, CD’s, real estate, vehicles, art and jewelry. Such gifts may even provide tax savings.
Name Lincoln Memorial Garden as the beneficiary of your pension or IRA.

Purchase a new life insurance policy naming Lincoln Memorial Garden as the beneficiary or name Lincoln Memorial Garden as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance or annuity contract.


Charitable Remainder Trust

With a charitable remainder trust, a gift of property or money is donated to a charity, but the donor designates a beneficiary to receive the interest or use of the property for a specific length of time. After this time period, the designated charity receives the property or principal.

This can have some definite tax advantages for the donor. In the case of appreciated stock for example, the donor would not have to pay any capital gains tax on the donated assets and would still receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock. A charitable remainder trust can also save the donor substantial amounts of estate and gift taxes. Assets in the trust are not subject to estate and gift taxation.

For more information about a charitable remainder trust, contact your financial planning advisor.

Since its beginning in the 1930s, Lincoln Memorial Garden has matured as a woodland and prairie garden, an educational resource, and a living memorial to our 16th president. Its present integrity reflects the generous support and careful stewardship of six decades of Garden friends. We invite you to become a leader in ensuring its future growth and vitality.

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