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2022 Photo Contest Results

By Audra Walters


The results are in for Lincoln Memorial Garden’s 6th annual photography contest. Anne Scrivner’s “House Wren’s Breakfast” photograph was selected by Fall Harvest Festival attendees for the People’s Choice award.

Nearly 250 photographs were submitted, including 40 photographs by youth 15 years of age and under. Professional photographers Dannyln Dodder, Chris Young and Tom Handy reviewed the images and selected a first-place winner for each age group and category (Celebrating Life at Lincoln Memorial Garden, Creatures, Botanicals and Landscapes). Winning entries are listed below, as well as some images the judges recognized with an honorable mention.

2022 Photo Contest

Photo contest winners 2022



Botanical George Rother “Trail Mushrooms”
Creatures Jaxon Holdman “Bridge”
Landscape Jayla McMurray (lake with pontoon)
LMG Jaxon Holdman “Nana Birdwatching”


Botanical Reinee Hildebrandt (pink dogwood flowers)
Creatures Anne Scrivner “House Wren’s Breakfast”
Landscape Cindy Harris “Leafless Tree Mirror Image”
LMG Traci Raper “Improved Aim”




Botanical Emma Synder “Mayapples”
Creatures Shal Shen (spider on web)
Alice Lieberman “Fawn Friend”
Landscape Shal Shen (bridge)


Botanical Reinee Hildebrant (oxeye daisy dew)
Anne Scrivner (insect shadow)
Creatures Kevin Coakley “Mallard Hen in Tree Cavity”
Kevin Coakley “Great Egret Fishing”
Landscape Amanda Castleman “LMG After a Spring Rain”
Lindsey Batten “Winter Lake Landscape”
LMG Abigail Rouse (tea party)